Thursday, July 1, 2010

July: "Lighthouse Dandelions"

Dry fruits are divided into three types: dehiscent, in which the pericarp splits open to release the seeds; indehiscent, which do not split open; and schizocarpic, in which the fruit splits open but the seeds are not exposed.... Some indehiscent dry fruits are dispersed by the wind, assisted by “wings” (elm) or “parachutes” (dandelion)...
--Ultimate Visual Dictionary, “Dry fruits”

And July comes along, a breezy parenthetical
(To whisper away the dew point with fire's nadir),
With heavy brush stroke, to strike off time's thick, empirical excess.
It declares independence from the other months,
Although as summer's island it unites the year
And clings to brocaded principles of freedom
By floating away in snowy white depictions.

The lighthouse that shimmers there broadcasts
With a dream’s unfinished, unfinishable quality.
Swallowing sun’s great swarm, its buttery shakes
Unhouse an apiary of sweet, open-shuttered light.
To prosecute time’s place, July’s tense, shifting shades
Of ochre, mustard, lemon, saffron, honey and gold
Cascade in shipwrecks of soil and capsized lawns.

Thus, July derives its light from the spill-pattern
Of dandelions -- an arranged dispersal of sorts
That falls like text across a page, the thin dribble of oils
Stretched beneath a sleeved frame: yet positive ochres
And absolute cobalt offer no guide to the craft
Of cloud, their hulls tarred in onyx. Surf-white stone
And storm-black steel stand between flowery syntax

And utter wreckage. A cold high pressure love-tangles
With warmer low pressures; darkness with light; shadow
With sudden change to foreshortened light; wind
With the essence of memory (like limp lighthouses,
Each dandelion wiggles in offshore currents); and day
Emerges from time’s more inner, uncalendared instances --
As between surfeit of weeds and surcease of bloom….

July came along like a parenthetical wind
Because July came along like a brush wet with paint

The time July came along seeding indehiscent light

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