Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iris, Ixia & Isatis

And there came a famine in the country:
and Abram went down into Egypt, to sojourn there:
for the famine was very grievous in the land.

Iris rainbows into the arid eye,
Restoring faith in March’s famished space.
Its hungry message eating earth and sky
Sends word to winter - Spring will take its place.

Ixia thereby limits disorder –
Xiphoid leaves unsheathing star-blue petals
In smart alliance. At garden’s border
A chameleon love harvests the nettles.

Isatis, dyed-in-the-wool dyer’s woad,
Stains Abram's faith with Abraham’s asterisks
And heaven holds them in familiar fabrics
That Sarah wears to fool a pharaoh’s pride.
Ishmael’s cashiered threads weep with Hagar’s blood
As Egyptian linen drinks in Isaac’s.


  1. Is it possible for a conference to consist of a single writer?

  2. I have printed it all out and will get it bound, although perhaps not until after December. I'm not sure I needed to print all of February.

  3. Louise,

    Actually, there's two of us - myself and Matthew Lickona.

    We also have a relatively famous short story writer and a Catholic bishop attached to the project.

    Are you a writer?

    Also, be aware that "Anthology" has a ways to go yet, if you wish to have the entire cycle.

    Also, feel free to send a copy along to me!