Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fallopia, Fig & Fir

...and he sent out a raven,
to see if the waters had lessened on the earth.
It flew back and forth
until the waters dried off from the earth.

Fallopia, named for gross anatomy
After the fact – bridging life's livid impotence,
Livening ensoulment's act – your proclivity
Lends a haphazard creeping to garden wall and fence
Of spring. Your frantic surface search for trellis post
Plays out with your taproots across winter’s cold war.
In battle after battle, March was all but lost;
All budding branches become the sun's cover fire
Figuring such reach as Noah’s empty hands had breached
In figs abridged by pigeon’s beak while raven ran
Geocentric skies. Receding seas redefined
First mountain firs poking skyward. While black wings found
Irrevocable wandering, covenanted man
Rooted his seed where bark and branch had first been beached.

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