Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goldenrod & Gagea

And therefore the name thereof was called Babel,
because there the language of the whole earth
was confounded.

Goldenrod gauging spring’s early roadsides
Ores its idol from a mountain’s mother lode.
Leaning language’s tilted tower, it fades
Down to nothing as its colors corrode.
Errant wanderer, always too far afield,
Naming greed’s grammar first bloom’s attribute,
Relying on the wind to seed the yield
Of April’s tongue once March has fallen mute,
Dead set to die. But grace’s garden cold frames
Gage all that grows by frost’s futility.
All that mankind builds upon death's proud mounds,
God talks back to - Yes, his green thumb confounds,
Espousing yellow star of Bethlehem’s
Announcement: lily’s spring nativity.

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