Friday, September 10, 2010

Magnolia & Myrtle

And the servant told Isaac all that he had done.
Who brought her into the tent of Sara his mother;
and took her to wife. And he loved her so much,
that it moderated the sorrow which was occasioned by his mother’s death.

- for Lindsay Godsbody

"Magnolia, ur-flower, were you there
Around the greening time of God’s own thumb,
Growing between good and evil, and life or
Nihil, prolocutor to each of them,
Or did your gaudy bloom’s magnificence,
Left-over emblem of Adam’s excess,
Intend to play at sin’s defective instance?"
Asked the good that life was bearing witness...

Myrtle, meanwhile, bears its burden of love’s
“Yes” in life’s tangled weave with such fragrant
Rogations that nature plays the servant
To God and man alike. To each it gives
Living proof that love can grow abundant –
Easing grief in blessed Rebekah’s alcoves.

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