Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oso Berry & Ostrya

He that came forth first was red,
And hairy like a skin…

Oso berry, bitter tasting but good food-
Stuff for bearing winter’s summary of dreams.
Offered first fruits of spring, by June imbued
Blue and ripe with meat. These Indian plums
Elevate spring’s time to place. Their almond scent
Reveals a sweet lure – a cyanide trace
Redolent as the effort to supplant
Yahweh’s sweetest word with dumb bitterness.

Ostrya, your iron wood serves to suit
Steel’s sharpened ax blade, its handle hewn to hew
Trunk of your trunk – such is wood’s irony.
Rebekah’s silent spring thus summered plenty;
Yahweh gave Isaac Jacob plucking Esau -
A bitter blessing bearing doubled fruit!

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